Reliable. It never sleeps.

Always at work.

We designed Nowa 360 so you could forget it was even there. But if a water leak occurs—today or 10 years from now—it’ll be stopped in its tracks. Always.

The signal goes out the instant two out of four sensors make contact with water.


High sensitivity means high speed.

Nowa 360 detectors have four closely spaced sensors just 0.015 inches from the floor—to detect spills as small as a glass of water.

64 zones. A single master unit can run up to 64 separate Nowa 360 detectors.


An interference-free signal.

319.5 MHz = No interference

Nowa uses a secure encrypted communications protocol. Its proven radiofrequency system is used by over five million systems. The low frequencies keep the signal steady and free from interference.

5,000 square feet. The powerful signal linking detectors to the master unit has a range of up to 5,000 square feet.


Fast shutoff you can count on.

The system’s electric valve is wired directly to the master unit and responds immediately at any time, even during a power outage. Every second saved between the beginning and end of a leak reduces the damage.

The system runs on a backup battery during blackouts.


Continually tested. Always ready!

The valve and all detectors—every single one—will be working when it really counts.

Daily detector testing
The master unit sends out a signal to the detectors to make sure they’re working. If any of them fails to respond, you receive an immediate alert that tells you exactly which detector is faulty.

Weekly shutoff test
Each week the master unit signals the valve to rotate the ball all the way around. This is enough to remove any built-up deposits and extends the life of the valve to over 100 years.

Low battery alert. The system notifies you whenever a battery gets low so you can replace it before it’s too late. The lifespan of the high-performance lithium batteries is 10 years.


Advanced detection

Nowa 360 is known for surefire detection and outstanding versatility. Find out all it can do:

Pinpoint freeze detection

The Nowa 360 detector's built-in temperature sensor watches out for freezing wherever you want it to. You’re notified of a risk of freezing if the temperature goes below 5 °C (41 °F).

Expanded detection

Mini probes and perimeter cables increase your coverage area in hard-to-reach areas. You might for instance want to closely monitor the entire circumference of your water heater.

Just water. Not dampness.

Detectors detect water, not the normal humidity variations found in houses or commercial buildings. No need to be concerned about accidental valve shutoffs.

Protection from oxidation

Sensor probes are gold plated to prevent oxidation. Their reliability is ensured, even after many years of protecting the building from damaging leaks.