NOWA 360

asked questions


How does it work?

The Nowa 360 solution includes an electronic valve installed at the water main, a control panel and wireless sensors that detect water with great precision.

Washing machine, hot water heater, dishwasher—you can put a Nowa sensor wherever there’s a risk. At the first sign of a water leak, the sensor alerts the control panel through an encrypted and secure communication protocol.

The system’s electronic valve is wired to the control panel and responds immediately at any time, even during a power outage. The Nowa control panel gets the signal and triggers the electric valve to shut off the water main in just a fraction of a second. You get an email, alert, or text message to inform you that something happened and that your main water valve has been safely shut off.

How many sensors do I need?

The number of sensors required for complete protection of a residence will vary according to the dimensions thereof. Each room in which water is used is a potential danger zone—kitchen, dishwasher, water heater, bathroom, refrigerator with water inlet, server room, etc.

What’s the warranty?

Whether a backup occurs now or in 10 years, Nowa will always be there to protect you. The valve has been tested to withstand more than 50,000 rotations, the equivalent of 2 rotations a day for 70 years.

Nowa’s commitment relies on state-of-the-art components that comply with the highest safety standards. That’s why we can provide a 3-year warranty on the valve and a 2-year warranty on other components.

What’s the discount offered by insurers?

The discount on your insurance policy is left to the discretion of your insurer. Several factors influence the discount (claims history, environment, premium amount, etc.). However, we know that insurers recognize our solutions and recommend them to their clients. We therefore encourage you to mention to your insurer that you are protected from water damage.

Can I install additional sensors once my system has been installed?

Yes. A single control panel can manage up to 64 different Nowa 360 sensors. Tell your dealer if you wish to add new sensors.

Where is Nowa 360 manufactured?

The development of our products relies on an active R&D department that combines the best technologies in the world. They are assembled in our Montréal-based plant. The design and reliability of our systems are defined by our experts. They are submitted to rigorous verification and control mechanisms and each unit is carefully tested before it is sold.


What’s the required maintenance?

No maintenance is required. Nowa 360 was designed with one idea in mind: so that you could completely forget about it. Self-testing is integrated:

The control panel sends out a signal to the sensors every hour to make sure they’re working. If any of them fails to respond, you receive an immediate alert that specifically identifies the sensor concerned.

Each week, the control panel signals the electronic valve to rotate the ball all the way around. This helps remove any built-up deposits and extends the life of the valve to a hundred years.

Every day, the system checks the Internet connection and the batteries, including the backup battery. When a low battery is detected, the system alerts you before the battery is fully discharged. Lithium-powered batteries can last up to 10 years.

If you wish to check Nowa’s status, you can simulate water detection to make sure that the valve shuts off and that you receive the notifications.

What happens in case of a power outage?

In case of a power outage, the system keeps functioning for approximately 24 hours thanks to its backup battery. If the outage persists, the Nowa system automatically shuts down and turns off the water supply. It is possible to manually reopen the water supply. Simply pull and turn the white button located on the actuator. Push down in original position when done. When power is restored, Nowa 360 will automatically retake control of the valve.

Mobile app

Why am I not receiving notifications on my iPhone?

Apple doesn't allow to receive notifications when an application is already open; you have to close your app to receive notifications. At all times, you can access the system’s history to find out what happened.

How may I disable the fingerprint request on the mobile app?

To disable the fingerprint request when connecting to a website, press the three superimposed lines on the homepage, then settings and disable: Touch ID request. Your fingerprint will be requested one last time to remove the function.

Why am I not receiving a notification about valve maintenance?

By default, the system doesn’t send notifications about valve maintenance. Should you wish to receive notifications in this case, please ask your installer.


Can moisture trigger the Nowa 360 system?

Standard moisture or dampness won’t activate Nowa 360. However, if significant moisture (condensation) builds up under the sensors, it could put them in water detection mode.

How much water does it take to trigger the sensor and send the signal that activates the valve?

The amount of water needed varies according to the sensor used. Nowa 360 has 4 closely spaced sensors just 0.015 inches (0.4 mm) from the floor to detect spills as small as a glass of water. The signal goes out the instant 2 out of 4 sensors make contact with water.

More specifically, the sensing cable detects the tiniest leak, the mini sensor needs approximately one-half inch (1.5 cm) of water, and the triangular sensor needs less than 3 inches (7.5 cm) of water.

What are the mini sensors used for?

The mini sensors are used to extend the detection area into the tightest spaces. Their smaller size and 8 ft. (2.4 m) cable allow them to fit anywhere with the utmost discretion. They also extend the protection area cheaply.

What is the use of the perimeter cable?

The perimeter cable is designed to detect a single drop of water on a full length of 6 ft. (1.8 m), making it ideal for use around the water heater and in hard-to-reach spaces like under appliances. Multiple sensing cables can be connected to secure an entire room.

Nothing happens when I touch 2 out of the 4 gold-plated sensor points?

You must touch adjacent–not diagonal–sensors. If nothing happens, move closer to the control panel and try again. If it still doesn’t work out, check the battery condition and make sure the probe is configured properly in the system.

What is the maximum distance to install a sensor?

The powerful signal linking detectors to the master unit has a range of up to 5,000 square feet. Nowa 360 sensors have a safe detection reach of 60 ft. from the control panel inside any building. Depending on the thickness and consistency of the walls, the signal range could go up to 300 ft. If the signal is to weak, high-power repeaters can be used to repeat signals over a greater distance.

How many wireless sensors may be connected to the Nowa 360 control panel?

A single control panel can manage up to 64 different Nowa 360 sensors having their own configuration (alarm sound, type of area, etc.).

How many wired sensors may be linked to the Nowa 360 control panel?

There may be 64 sensors for each system. All sensors are wireless, except two that may be wired directly to the control panel. The system has been designed to use wireless sensors, but wired sensors may be connected to a triangular sensor such as a perimeter cable or mini sensor.

What happens if my sensor gets immersed in water?

The Nowa 360 sensor is submersible in water to a depth of 5 ft. The triangular sensor is not resistant to submersion; although it may still be functional, its components could have been damaged and we recommend that it should be replaced.

What is the role of the temperature sensor and how can I activate it?

The Nowa 360’s built-in optional temperature sensor monitors low temperatures wherever you want it to. You are notified of a risk of freezing as soon as the temperature drops below 5°C (41°F). Each sensor has two serial numbers including one for the freeze function. To be functional, it must be configured in the control panel. Please refer to your installer for additional information.

What is the lifespan of a battery?

High-performance lithium-powered batteries have a 10-year lifespan thanks to the no-interference 319.5 MHz communication protocol.

How to change the battery of a Nowa 360 sensor?

You must first remove the cushions that are inside the retaining tabs of the sensor. Then loosen the screws to access the battery. You must use a CR2450 battery.

How to change the battery of a triangular sensor?

Lift off the cover with a flathead screwdriver to access the battery which is on top of the printed circuit board. You must use a CR17345 battery.

Control panel

How do I reset the control panel?

Make sure that no leakage is detected (green checkmark lit at the top right) and press the reset button. Check if the status changes to green and then press the ‘open valve’ button.

Is there a signal when the batteries are low?

You get an email, alert, or text message to inform you that a low battery has been detected before it dies out, indicating which sensor is at fault.

When does the maintenance of the valve take place?

The maintenance of the valve takes place every Wednesday at 3 p.m. The valve automatically opens and closes, which has no consequences on your everyday use. You can change the time of the maintenance by going in the ‘schedule’ section and selecting ‘valve maintenance’.

Can the Nowa 360 system conflict with another system of the same type?

A Nowa 360 system has its own identity, just like a sensor. Even if more than a hundred systems are in the same building or on the same Wi-Fi, no other system can conflict with them.


Is it possible to connect more than one valve to the system?

Yes, you can connect up to four valves to the Nowa 360 control panel.

Is it possible to use the Nowa valves for hot water?

Yes. Standard valves can withstand a pressure of 150 psi.

How long will the valve stay closed once a water leak has been detected?

The valve will stay closed and the water supply will be shut off until the Nowa system is reset. Even if the sensor isn’t detecting a leak anymore, you have to set the alarm off (mobile app / control panel buttons) in order to open the valve again.

If I already have a valve, can I connect it to your system?

The Nowa 360 solution is not designed to communicate with other components. We cannot guarantee its use with other devices. For the warranty of the manufacturer to be honored, Nowa systems must be installed with components that have been certified by Inflotrolix.

Is it possible to install Nowa in a well that is equipped with a water pump?

Yes. The NOWBREAKER-40 breaker as been specially designed to turn off the water supply of wells equipped with water pumps. A valve may also be used. The pump will stop working when the valve shuts off the water intake.