NOWA 360

Nowa to its
full potential.

Nowa’s abilities go beyond water.

It’s the first central system with the ability to prevent water damage and also control home automation and energy features.

360 complete kit

The Nowa 360 kit includes everything needed for a standard home.

Basic kit includes : 1 electronic valve, 1 control panel, 5 360 sensors

You can have up to 64 wireless sensors per master unit.

Custom kit

Everything starts with the unique Nowa valve and control panel—the rest is up to you. There are a multitude of ways to personalize your solution.


Valve and control panel


Minimal protection with no sensor. The valve closes when your absence is detected by geolocation and can be controlled remotely.*

* Programming required


Minimal protection with no water sensor. The main valve shuts off when no motion has been detected for a period of time.

  • App
  • Motion sensor
  • 360 Sensors

Superior protection with the entire suite of detection, personalization, and automation features.


With the addition of a triangular sensor, sensing cables can secure a larger area or even an entire room.

Add energy and home automation

Put all the smart functions of a house or building together in a single system. You can control a multitude of devices through Nowa 360, such as lights, door locks, and thermostats. All from your phone or tablet.

Product list

Once activated, the Aqua-Protec sealing system automatically closes the Nowa 360 valve installed on your home’s main water inlet, protecting you from the risk of flooding from inside the house in the event of sewer backup. A wire from the control panel to the Nowa 360 unit or a wireless sensor is needed to bridge them together.