NOWA 360

The backbone of your smart home

Water damage today is the cause of more insurance claims than fire or theft. Nowa 360 is the only smart-home backbone system you can count on to control water leaks.


You’ll always be the first to know.

Nowa 360 lets you know right away with an alert or email

Best of all—you’re notified that a leak has been stopped, not that water damage is taking place. You know when and where it happened. You can go straight there without wasting time looking around.


Keep things in hand, wherever you are.

You’re far from home when you suddenly realize you forgot to shut the water off. No problem! You’ve got direct control of your main water valve with the Nowa 360 app. Turn the water back on anytime, then turn it off again at the end of the day.

The smart app
Streamlined interface. Easy to install. Enjoyable to use. It’s a free app that simplifies your life. It’s all at your fingertips. Available for iOS and Android devices.


Wherever you go, it knows when to shut the water off.

Nowa 360 knows when you're away through geolocation and shuts off your main valve right away. You can’t forget, even if you don’t remember.

Your main water valve shuts off as soon as you're more than a preset distance away. But you can use additional settings like scheduled or delayed shutoff, or have the system respond only when no one’s home or when the alarm system is armed.

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+security solution


Nowa’s abilities go beyond water.

Put all the smart functions of a house or building together in a single system. You can run up to three additional functions through Nowa 360, such as security, lights, and energy. All from your phone or tablet.

Z-Wave is a remote control system for smart devices. Z-Wave is used all over the world and connects you with more brands and smart products than any other protocol.

Over 250 compatible products