NOWA 360


It’s all about trust.

Nowa’s promise to its customers is anchored in advanced components that meet the highest security standards.

The slimmest water sensor there is.

Slim as it is, the 360 sensor is even more remarkable for what it can do. It detects water with amazing accuracy. The built-in temperature sensor prevents frozen water pipes by notifying you the moment the ambient temperature falls below 5 °C (41 °F). And with its streamlined form, no one will notice it’s there.

  • Gold-plated sensor points to prevent oxidation
  • 10-year battery life
  • Accurate detection of a minimum water level (0.015 inches)
  • Temperature sensor to detect freezing
  • Attachment hardware included
  • 2-year warranty
See PDF for specifications table

Your smart functions all in one place

Your Nowa 360 control panel centralizes a home or commercial building’s smart functions. It’s the first interactive wireless system that reliably prevents water damage while also controlling security, energy, and lights.

  • Keyboard with integrated LED indicators
  • Dynamic contextual keys
  • Voice-guided menu
  • Wireless access with remote notification and control
  • Internal backup battery for power outages
  • Up to 4 different service partitions
  • 2-year warranty
  • Optional cellular network (GSM) connection
See PDF for specifications table

The valve that puts you in control.

The electric valve on the water main is what sets the Nowa 360 apart. You’re not just alerted to the fact that there’s water, you can cut it off at the source. Your Nowa valve is always ready to shut off the water safely, even after long periods when nothing happens.

  • Removable actuator that’s easy to disconnect from the valve
  • Durable ball valve meeting the highest quality and pressure standards
  • Hardwired to the Nowa 360 control panel for fastest reaction time
  • 3-year warranty

Other sensors

The perimeter sensor is a cable that can detect water over 6-foot distance. It’s ideal for encircling a water heater or covering the space underneath appliances. Cables can be connected in sequence to cover an entire room.

Perimeter sensor documentation

Mini sensors are used to extend the detection area into the tightest spaces. Their smaller size and 1.5-m (5') cable allow them to fit anywhere with the utmost discretion.

Mini sensors need to be connected to a triangle sensor to work.

Triangle sensor documentation

Home screen

Nowa 360’s home screen controls all the smart features of your home or commercial building. It can control water, security, energy, or lights. It can be mounted on a wall or simply set on a table or counter with a special cradle.

Available with the Nowa 360 solution only.