Relax. Everybody’s

Water’s no longer a worry, for anyone.

Nowa 360 protects your condominium, day and night. A leak can happen when you’re home or when you’re away. It can even happen at your upstairs neighbor’s, but life goes on undisturbed.

Avoiding the worst is the best way to go.

Water damage affects you and your neighbor’s lives in ways that go beyond what’s covered by insurance.

Accidental damage and wear and tear on condominium common areas, stairs, and elevators inevitably occurs during restoration.

Your condominium reserve fund has to be tapped, despite your insurance settlement.

Irreplaceable pictures and souvenirs are lost to water damage and no insurance can bring them back.

Your home turns into a construction site. It can be days or weeks before your life gets back to normal.

Fewer emergencies to deal with— as a condo manager you’re backed by the most reliable detection technology available, including remote valve control.

You’ve got one another’s back.

By protecting their own assets, condo owners help protect everyone else’s too. That’s exactly what Nowa gives you—shared protection. You protect your reserve fund and keep your building safe from water damage—wherever it strikes.

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A small feature with big value.

Nearly every homeowner will experience water damage at some point, and insurance companies are increasingly incorporating that fact into their home insurance plans. Nowa gives your planned housing complex an additional safety feature that makes potential buyers feel better about their purchase.

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Nowa saves you money, every year.

Water damage is the most common insurance claim and one of the most costly. Your insurance carrier knows that better than anyone. Ask about the premium reductions you’re entitled to with a Nowa system.

Many insurance companies now recognize the protection of Nowa

24/7 tech support

Nowa’s team of experts provides technical support for every aspect of equipment, installation, and connectivity.

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Smart features brought together by Nowa

Nowa 360 and its home screen can be the backbone connecting each home’s smart operations. You can consolidate up to four functions in a single system, such as water control, the alarm system, cameras, locks, lights, or thermostats.

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