Relax. Everything's
under control.

No more sewer backups.

Aqua-Protec quickly detects high water levels in your drainage system and stops potential backups in their tracks. No need to worry when you leave the house for a long period of time—Aqua-Protec is fully autonomous. One less thing for you to worry about!


water detection

Sensors attached to the end of the Aqua-Protec balloon detect water as soon as it threatens to backup into your basement. A signal is immediately sent to the control panel.


Aqua-Protec eliminates risk
at the source.

The control panel immediately inflates the balloon inside your sewer drain. In seconds the balloon creates a seal that eliminates any possibility of backup.


You are notified about the situation. Always.

Aqua-Protec notifies you when a sewer backup has been avoided. The integrated alarm sounds and the display informs you of the situation. You can even receive remote notifications if the system is connected to an alarm communications center.*

*Alarm system or Nowa 360 required

Proven technology

Aqua-Protec never sleeps. Its functionalities
are fully automated and it requires
no maintenance.

More on reliability


Aqua-Protec can withstand
pressure equivalent to a 25-foot water
column for weeks.

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Easy to install

The Aqua-Protec system is quick
and easy to install in your single-family home.*

* Refer to a licensed plumber

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